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What’s your favorite band?: Motionless In White!!!

Who would you like to see again ( dead/ alive): Motionless In White!!!

What’s your favorite anime ( if you even have one): None, sorry

What is your favorite color?: Teal

Favorite song?: Contempress by Motionless In White featuring Maria Brinks

Do you like poetry if so what author?: not a fan of poetry

Who is your biggest influence?: Kat Von D and Angelina Jolie

Favorite candy?: Magic Stars

Pets?: Want a dog but my parents…

Who would you take to a concert: everyone! (if they wanted to go)

Pasta or pizza?: PIZZA!


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Your questions;

Favourite person?

Favourite music video?

Favourite tv show?

What concerts have you been to?

What concerts do you want to go to?

Favourite horror movie? 

Name a place you want to go? 

Favourite youtuber? 

Favourite superhero?

Favourite villain?

What superpower do you want?

And go!!!

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Credit: thewhorrorr


The music video is fucking AWESOME


The music video is fucking AWESOME

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